5 Great Healthy Breakfast Tips

It is very important that you eat a healthy breakfast for maintaining health, energy and for weight loss. The key to eating a healthy breakfast and still achieving a weight loss, is to choose your food wisely. See our 5 tips to help you get the day off to a healthy start.

1 Make Sure You Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one that you should never consider skipping. A healthy breakfast is the meal that will kick-start your metabolism and get your body burning calories, skip it and all you are doing by skipping it is sabotaging your weight loss plans. You may think that it is a good idea to save on calories by not eating breakfast, but all you are doing is making it more likely that you will need to snack later on.

2 Beware of Hidden Sugar

Many breakfast cereals are not as healthy as they first appear and are in fact laden with sugar. Instead of achieving a weight loss, a breakfast full of sugar can lead to weight gain and energy spikes that can leave you feeling tired and lethargic by lunch time. Check the sugar content of your cereals carefully.

3 Go Steady with Fruit Juice

Although it is good for you, fruit juice is high in calories and can really hinder weight loss. The sugar in fruit juice can cause an energy spike, so keep to a small glass, just to get the benefit of the vitamins and drink water or green tea to hydrate you for the day. Drinking more water has the added benefit of helping you to feel fuller and avoid snacking and green tea has a whole host of super healthy benefits. One fabulous benefit of drinking green tea is that it can help you to lose weight. We highly recommend Tava Tea as the very best of green teas at it has an exclusive blend of three of the best green teas that you will find.

4 Start the Day Well

Breakfast is the meal that is going to set the tone for your day. Make it a super healthy breakfast and you’ll feel more motivated to continue eating healthily throughout the day. Avoid having fast food or fried breakfasts, but choose something with vitamins and protein that will give you energy for the day ahead.

5 Think Super-Foods

Super-foods are ingredients known to greatly decrease your risk of developing a range of diseases. Thankfully, many of these are perfect for breakfast. Here are a few suggestions which will get your day off to a healthy start, bananas, oats, green tea, yoghurt (fat-free), egg, berries, nuts and seeds. Even if you only have a small amount of these ingredients, it’s a good way to make sure you get something healthy into the start of every day.

If you struggle to have time to eat breakfast or you don’t normally feel hungry first thing, plan ahead. Make it easy by preparing your healthy breakfast the night before so it is ready for you, or pack it up to take out with you to eat later in the mornings to focus on other things, but you will still be psychologically prepared to eat. That way you’ll still have time in Make sure though that you eat a healthy breakfast within an hour of getting up. This get some fuel into you early on in the day and will give your metabolism the boost it needs.

If you feel you would like a healthy supplement to boost your breakfast take a look at our super antioxidants, Pure Acai Berry Max and Ultimate Maqui Berry and find out how to increase the value of your breakfast.

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Breakfast 101 – Tips for a Healthy Breakfast to Stimulate a Full Day of Fat Burning

Studies show a healthy breakfast (not one full of sugary cakes and donuts) can give you-

· An improved nutritional diet, higher in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
· Better concentration throughout the morning
· Increased strength & endurance to perform physical activity
· Helps to lower cholesterol levels
· Increases your metabolism so you are burning off more calories.

On top of these benefits, studies also show that people who skip breakfast tend to weigh more than those who eat breakfast daily.

Why you ask?? The exact reason is still unproven, but its theorised that when people eat a healthy breakfast it will reduce their hunger and control their insulin levels, helping them to make better food choices at other meals and stopping them from craving sugary high energy, higher crash foods. Due to the reduced hunger they are also more likely to eat smaller meals at lunch and not have a mini eating binge mid-morning. Thus eating less calories throughout the day, but increasing the metabolism throughout the day.

So follow our breakfast advice to make sure you’re eating for health, for weight loss, to get your metabolism firing, and to keep you feeling full right up until lunch.

1- Don’t skip breakfast.

As mentioned above, breakfast is an essential meal and will set you up mentally to continue eating well throughout the day. If you’re rushing throw a banana, a hand-full of blueberries, half a cup of oatmeal and a scoop of protein powder into a blender for a yummy, super healthy shake that you can drink on your way to work.

2- Make breakfast at home.

As delicious as the muffins and savory’s look in your favourite coffee shop, they are not your friend. Full of sugar and empty calories, they will spike your insulin levels, causing you to be tired and hungry long before lunch. Instead, get into the routine of having your breakfast at home, on top of the health benefits think of all the money you will save from eating your breakfast at home.

3- Pick the right cereal.

Walk down the cereal aisle in any supermarket and you will see a huge array of cereals, some are good, some are bad – so make your choice wisely. Some ‘childrens’ cereals are very high in sugar so stay away from these. Ideally, you should have oatmeal, this high fibre cereal is super nutritious and the carbohydrates release energy slowly so will keep you feeling full until lunch. Sprinkle on some cinnamon or add some chopped fruit for a great tasting breakfast. If you can’t face oatmeal then stick to a cereal that contains whole wheat, such as weet-bix. These cereals are high in fibre and low in sugars and salt.

4- It’s all about the milk.

You’ve picked your healthy cereal and then you pour lots of whole milk into your bowl – ruining your good work of cereal choice. Whole milk is high in fat, sugar and therefore calories – so stay away. If you drink whole milk now, then switch to semi-skimmed, in a few weeks time switch again to skimmed milk, within a day or 2 you won’t notice the taste difference, but your body will notice the health and calorie difference. If you’ve tried and really can’t stand the taste, then try out Soy milk, it roughly has the same amount of calories as pasteurised milk. Soy is a great source of proteins, isoflavones and b-vitamins, plus most soy milk is fortified with extra vitamins and calcium. Soy is also suitable for those with cows’ milk allergies or lactose intolerance.

5- Your morning cuppa.

Choose the wrong drink to wash down your healthy breakfast and you can undo all your great work. Us Kiwis love our cup of java in the morning, but rarely do we consider how many calories these things are costing us. Many of us have 2 or 3 coffees before lunch, and at over 250 calories for a regular flat white and 20 grams of sugar (before we add spoonfuls of sugar) it negates all the hard work done eating healthy all the time. If drinking coffee, keep it sensible; ALWAYS ask for non-fat milk, NEVER have whipped cream or marshmallows, and replace sugar with a natural sweetener.

6- Not all juice is created equal.

Choosing fruit juice to wash down your breakfast is not always a better alternative to coffee. Many fruit juices are made from concentrate so have a very high sugar and calorie content. A simple glass of orange juice can contain as much as 100 calories. If you intent to drink fruit juice at breakfast stick to whole juice (which tends to be in the supermarket fridges) and read the label to make sure there is no added sugar. Better still make your own with a juicer or eat the real thing, you’ll find eating the fruit will fill you up for longer than drinking it.

7- Wholemeal is King.

Toast with a nice helping of a natural peanut butter is a great, healthy & tasty breakfast idea. But only if it’s on the right bread. When choosing a loaf stick to wholewheat grains. If the first or second ingredient is not whole wheat then don’t buy it. Whole grains are high in fibre and complex carbohydrates, keeping you fuller for longer and helping to maintain balanced insulin levels in the blood. Stay AWAY from white bread, within a week I will guarantee you will find whole meal much tastier – you just need to find a brand with a taste you like. For a yummy breakfast add natural peanut butter, low fat cottage cheese or even mash a banana onto your toast.

8- Consume some protein.

If you are trying to lose weight, there’s a very high probability that day to day you are in a calorie deficit. When this happens the body will start to use fat stores and even protein (aka muscle) for energy. If you are exercising your body will use even more protein for energy. To stop the burning of muscle protein for energy you must eat a protein source at each meal. We’re not talking huge amounts like a bodybuilder, but you must include some form of lean protein. At breakfast, your protein can come from a variety of sources, but eggs seem to be the nations favourite. Cheap, versatile and healthy, eggs are a great form of protein. Recently research has shown dietary cholesterol found in eggs has little to no impact on blood cholesterol levels. The heart foundation recommend that upto 6 eggs per week can be ate as part of a healthy, balanced diet that is low in saturated fat, without increasing the risk of heart disease. Scramble 3 eggs with some chopped spinach for a tasty breakfast high in protein, fibre, and vitamins, keeping you full until lunch.

Following the tips above, the possibilities for a great tasting, filling, healthy breakfast, are unlimited. Here’s a few ideas to get you started that are easy and quick to prepare-

– Salmon and avocado on whole grain toast
– Vegetable omelette (3 egg) on whole grain toast
– Oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries
– Fresh fruit with low sugar natural Greek yogurt
– Smoothie – oatmeal, raspberrys, protein powder, water
– Boiled eggs and toast (whole grain)
– Whole grain bagel with low fat cottage cheese

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Need A Fast Healthy Breakfast? Four Options for A Single Mom Solution

Fast healthy breakfasts are quickly becoming a necessity with the quickening pace of our daily lives. Many of us have the idea that healthy meals equate with slaving over a hot stove or hours of prep time. Fortunately, this is not the case. Breakfast for kids or the whole family for that matter need not be time-consuming or even homemade. Since many fast food organizations are becoming more aware of consumer demand for healthier meals, they have incorporated healthier items into their menus. For single moms, this is a standby choice for those days that turn into a whirlwind manic Monday getting off to school. However, there are options for keeping costs low and protein high in designing a healthy breakfast for the family.

Breakfast Tip #1

To keep calcium and fiber in the mix, a few ounces of cheddar cheese along with a handful of walnuts can be just the ticket. Toss in a piece of fruit such as a banana and apple and you have a relatively balanced and positively portable start to the day. The kids can even select and package their items the night before to save even more time.

Breakfast Tip #2

For another quick and easy breakfast idea, grab a handful of strawberries, a cup of low-fat milk and a packet of vanilla instant breakfast mix. A few pulses of the blender and you have a flavorful, strawberry shake packed full of essential nutrients. Adding a shot of strawberry flavored, low-calorie sweetener is another plus. This can also be prepared the night before for an extra time-saving measure in the quest for a fast healthy breakfast.

Breakfast Tip #3

Many energy bars have come a long way! This perfectly portable pocket-sized breakfast must be selected with caution. Choose an alternative that has a higher level of fiber. Try to select one that has at least five grams of fiber with three grams minimum. While it is difficult to find an energy bar with a good amount of protein, providing the kids with yogurt and a high-fiber fruit or nuts could be better.

Breakfast Tip #4

The picture of portability, hard-boiled eggs are the perfect fast, healthy breakfast. A simple selection you can prepare the night before with little fanfare, the high-protein egg is also highly versatile. Slice a hard-boiled egg and couple it with a few ounces of cheese to up the calcium of your fast, healthy breakfast. If you’re feeling more adventurous or have a little extra time, scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese folded in make a great topping for a whole wheat slice of toast.

Cut your new breakfast sandwich into quarters and you have fast healthy breakfast finger sandwich to eat on the go. To make eggs even more kid friendly, roll a bit of scrambled eggs and cheese in a slice of low-fat turkey for high protein turkey roll-ups. These can be made ahead of time and popped in the microwave for a quick melt of the cheese. This quick and easy snack is sure to please.

Making sure that you and your little ones have a healthy start to the day is important. There are many self-proclaimed fast healthy breakfasts advertised on the market, but be sure to read the labels carefully to make sure they are everything that they claim. Make a conscious effort to stay away from prepackaged items with high-sugar content. This is important for your little ones who may be struggling with diabetes.

People who start the day with a good breakfast have proven to concentrate better and show more efficiency at work and at play. Healthy breakfast eaters have also been found to consume lower amounts of fat, higher amounts of fiber and higher levels of vitamins and nutrients.

Getting a fast, healthy breakfast prepared for your family doesn’t have to be painful or time-consuming. Simply keeping the basic food groups in mind can be your guide to feeding your family. Starting with a protein foundation can be advantageous for those looking to cut out the high carbohydrate lifestyle. You kids, your waistline and your sanity will thank you for it!

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Ideas for Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Looking for healthy breakfast recipes that you can make quickly and easily? While most people have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many still don’t take the time to eat breakfast in the morning. If you skip breakfast on a regular basis, you probably are familiar with the slight headache and the attack of weakness that occurs halfway through the morning. The reason this happens is because you didn’t eat breakfast.

Why is Breakfast So Important?

So why is breakfast so important anyway? When you sleep at night, you are going for about eight hours without having water or eating. This means you are slightly dehydrated when you wake up, and your blood sugar is probably on the low side as well. For this reason, you don’t have a lot of energy. However, it’s time to rush around and get ready for your day, so you skip eating. When you skip breakfast, you continue to let your body stay dehydrated and your blood sugar can dip even more throughout the day. Then you end up feeling horrible and extremely hungry later in the day. In many cases, it’s easy to overeat later because you do feel so hungry.

Beyond the Cereal

Some cereals can be a great choice for a quick and healthy start to your day. Of course, you need to avoid cereals that are high in sugars. Whole grain varieties that pack in fiber and protein make great choices. Be sure to read the label, though – many so-called “healthy” cereals are packed with sugar.

Many people, though, don’t like having cereal in the mornings. The good news is that there are plenty of other quick and healthy recipes that you can use for a great breakfast. If cold cereal isn’t your thing, consider warm oatmeal or even cream of wheat for breakfast. Making your own oatmeal from scratch doesn’t take much more time than using “instant”, flavored oatmeal packets – and it is much cheaper and healthier. Add some berries and milk and you have a wonderfully tasty breakfast that doesn’t take too much time to make.

Fast Breakfast Options

If you have really busy mornings, you may need some breakfast recipes that are fast and easy to make. One great idea is to make preparations for your breakfast the night before. Make a breakfast casserole. On a day when you have some extra time, make a big batch of pancakes or waffles. Freeze them. Later in the week, all you’ll have to do is pop them in the toaster for a quick and tasty breakfast. Or whip up a batch of healthy bran muffins at the beginning of the week and enjoy them all week long without a hassle.

More Breakfast Ideas

There are many other great quick and healthy breakfast recipes that you can try in the morning as well. Consider poached eggs, boiled eggs or perhaps a toad in the hole. A quick omelet with veggies is a great option. Smoothies can be wonderful breakfast options. Mix yogurt and fruit together, blend in the blender, and you can drink it on the go for a healthy breakfast. Fruit and cheese makes a well-rounded morning meal that you can toss in a bag and take with you on the go.

Consider non-traditional foods for breakfast, too. How about a slice of leftover pizza? A bowl of lentil soup? Some rice pudding? There are no rules here. Any healthy food that seems appealing to you in the morning is a perfectly good breakfast food!

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